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4WD Adventure Testimonial

G’ day mates! My name is Montrel, an overly enthusiastic backpacker/explorer/4WD adventurer. When I decided to travel West Australia to Northern Territory I knew I didn’t want to just ride through it but wanted to see and live the Australian outback life. Travelling with Mark greatly satisfied that desire, from visiting a remote Aborigine community one day to camping up on a remote hilltop the next.

The food and the preparation of making our meals made the experience much more enjoyable. Gathering sticks, fishing at the beach and smoking our fish at a nice campsite while engaging in very immersive conversations only help to add greater joy to this experience.

As we travelled the vast state of Western Australia I had found that not only the scenery awe-inspiring but hearing the history and facts about certain areas and certain scenery made this also a very educational experience.

Living out in nature really helps you to discover your limits and what you are capable of.  We had unfortunately run over two kangaroos. After which Mark had stepped out of the vehicle, said a pray for the poor animal. Afterward he cut it up and the next day we had kangaroo stew!!

I can honestly say this was a very grand experience that offered me everything I was looking for in a 4WD Adventure. I highly recommend this 4WD adventure tour. Not only is the price more than fair the experience you gain is truly priceless! Cheers to Mark for an amazing journey.

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