What to Bring

You Will Need To Bring…

  • All participants are required to obtain travel insurance before undertaking this trip.

  • 1.5kg hand luggage and no more than 10kg of additional luggage*. This should consist of a rotation of 5-6 days worth of clothes, mostly light casual wear, packed in a light sports bag. We will be stopping at locations allowing you time to do washing. Include a pair of long pants and tops for cool nights.
  • Sun screen, hat, water bottle, insect repellent, swimming gear & towel, toiletry bag, sleeping bag, pillow, small torch.
  • Your choice of sensible footwear. We will be traversing a variety of terrains from hot sandy beaches to climbing up rocky outcrops**. Sandals are good all-rounders and runners/sneakers are better on rougher ground.

* For any excess luggage beyond the weight limit, transport can be arranged to have it forwarded to the destination point (Darwin or Perth) at the customer’s expense (at a rate of around $3.50/kg).
**A reasonable level of fitness may be required to conquer these off road / outback areas.


Please Note:

A locked safe is available on the bus for storage of valuables. We take no responsibility for loss or damage to personal articles including electronic equipment or luggage.

Included in Your Trip Costs is…

  • All camping and cooking equipment.
  • Food. We will stop in all major towns to restock our food supplies.
  • Refrigeration for food and drinks.
  • Fishing equipment.
  • Fuel for the 4×4 off road safari bus that we will be travelling in.
  • Camp fees for scheduled overnight stays at caravan parks & national parks.

This small safari bus with equipment trailer in tow will be versatile enough to tackle outback 4-wheel drive terrain in comfort.

Additional Expenses to Allow For…

  • Any additional adventure tours that participants wish to take. eg. Boat tours, scenic flight tours, canoeing, snorkeling etc.
  • The 5 day layover at Darwin on the Epic 50 day tour is at your own expense.


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