• Hi, wow,  what an amazing time!

    As I arrived Perth I found the flyer of Outback Camp Tours at the hostel.  After some days in Perth I had three opportunities going around in Australia and I definitely chose the best of all.

    I went with Mark and the 14 people from 8 different countries from Perth to Darwin.  On the trip I learned a lot about Australia , the history and the past as well as living in the bush without worries as long as we are careful and know what to do.

    We started at the joyful white sandy beaches in the north of Perth.  Our way led us along the coast up to Broome.  On the way we snorkelled at Coral Bay and Exmouth at the Ningaloo Reef.  The world under the sea is amazing.

    What affects me the most were the majestic places like Karijini, Purnululu National Park and the Kimberley at all the places where we can feel energy and strength.

    The people on the trip are very different and all are nice.  All of us gave effort all the way to make the trip a good one.  We all worked together in the knowledge that we are all important and we learned to know each other in the 30 Days.

    Mark you are very special with your wonderful view of Mother Earth and how to behave yourself in the way that you take care but don’t give a s***.  You took all of us serious all the time and kept the energy high with your nice stories.  You show yourself just as a part of the group and you have done a lot for us like make damper in the morning sometimes at 5am!  Thanks to you.

    All the best to you


  • I did a lot of research on all the companies offering a WA tour.  I chose Outback Camp Tours because it was the only tour that offered a 30 day experience.  I also chose this tour because I felt that I would get a truly authentic experience of the natural and wild WA scenery that I have heard so much about!

    I was correct, luckily!  We have had an amazing group from lots of different countries, experiences, cultures and stories to tell.  We have all become a little family and I left with the most incredible memories.  

    Mark was helpful, caring and a real outback, nature man.  He has shown me some of the amazing qualities there are to living close with nature.   I have valued this tour more than any other in Australia and take with me a new love and purpose to my next adventure.

    If you like being at One with Nature, like Camping, and living the Simple Life this tour is definitely for you!!!  It was also amazing value for money.  Thank you Mark for the unforgettable and unique 30 Days.  Also a thank you to Dianne who was so helpful from the first booking procedure and many emails from myself.  

    I have left truly blessed.  (:  xx

    Steph McGrath (Hawkey)

  • How ya going mate?   ):

    One of the best experiences of my life! Made a lot of friends from different countries and age groups.

    Kathi and Chloe

  • Hi Mark!

    Thanks a lot for this amazing trip.  It was for sure my best memories in Australia.

    Don’t change mate!  You know what I mean!


  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for this amazing trip.  I learnt a lot of things about Australia but most important I learnt a lot about myself.  

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Mark for sharing your knowledge and passion for nature with us.  It was an amazing journey.  I saw so many beautiful places, learnt to fish, to prepare damper & pizza on a fire.  The people make a place, and with such a crazy and fun group, it couldn’t have been better!  We laughed so much.  And you were always so smiling and helpful with everyone.  This trip has been a blast.  All together we made it unique, but you always need a captain, and by far you are the best.  

    Thanks for the wonderful memories, thank you for your patience, thanks for being yourself and make us all feel at home even in the middle of nowhere.  I will advise everyone to book with you, because it was one month I will never forget!

    I wish you all the best, and to Dianne who was always taking care of the mail and papers so fast.

    An amazing experience with amazing people, what to ask more……………I don’t want the adventure to end!!!



  • To Mark,

    It’s been really good to know you, you’re a hell of a guy.  This trip has been one of the best experiences of my life, I’ll never forget it.  I appreciate the knowledge you have shared with me about OZ, and the animals, it’s been really interesting.  I’m gutted it couldn’t go on for longer.

    I hope all goes well for you, take care my friend


  • Mark

    Thank you so much for a great trip.  I have learnt so much in this last month – making damper, cooking on the hot coals, catching fish (or not so many in my case) making pizzas and lots more.  I hope that you are very successful in the rest of your trips.

    I will look forward to following all the trips on facebook.  If you are ever over in Scotland send us a message.

    take care

    love Andrina

  • The outback camp tour was the best trip I have never had!  Such a good experience, totally different than the other tour, it was the real outback life = campfire, eat kangaroo, walking in the bush, go to amazing places, making bread at night :) I learned a lot of things….and I laughed a lot – I really appreciated each time we had the choice to do things – thank you Mark for this amazing adventure!

    It was f**king nice! :)  All the best for you, hope you will get some rest until the next trip!


  • I arrived in Darwin after having spent more than a month to the discovery of the West Coast at the side of an Australian, that I can never thank enough, for sharing his knowledge.  I learned a lot on the culture of his country, life in the bush, the observation and listening to the environment that surrounds us, myself,…. So many things that I could not express in this message!! One thing is sure, this trip will remain etched in my memories as one of the best things that ever happened to me  :)

    The West is without doubt the part of Australia the most authentic which remains wild, preserved away from all hordes of tourists, an unparalleled beauty and a natural wealth as I have never seen!!!! A small paradise on the land of kangaroos;  I’d have stayed longer but unfortunately all to an end……..


  • We had such great time during the trip. Lots of wonderful memories! Mark is a really great passionate guide! Unforgettable experience.

    from France

  • Hey Matey!

    Thanks for an amazing experience.   All the stuff we’ve done on the trip I would never have done in a million years without you.

    Memories I will treasure forever.

    All the Best,


  • Thanks for this Amazing memories mate, every moment will live with me forever.  This has been the pinnacle of my life so far, every scene, gorge, hot spa, put me in ecstasy.

    All the best mate for the future, see you again soon.

    The Welsh guy
    Steve Knight

    Nus Da!

  • So many things to thank you for, this trip will without any doubt remain in memories as one of the best I’ve ever made.  I can’t put on paper all the amazing things we’ve seen and done!  Everything was absolutely great and I would have never had the opportunity to do that without you.

    Thanks a lot for everything you’ve taught us, for your patience and funny personality.  F**k yeah mate!

    (the sometimes sleepy French girl (and grumpy))

  • Thanks Mark for such an awesome experience.  I booked not knowing what to expect but it’s turned out to be the best tour I’ve ever done.  I must admit I did struggle a bit on the overnight stops without much sleep, but I know were on a tight schedule.

    I appreciate that you were always willing to listen and do whatever you could to meet our needs.  I will gladly be a voice over if you ever need one for the future tours :)

    Keep chasing those kangaroos and rabbits and I’ll think of you next time I’m eating a kangaroo :)


  • Hey Mark,

    The last 30 days with you and your bus was Amazing!  Beautiful landscape good team, a lot of good moments!  I would like to speak better English because I don’t have the words for describing this 30 days!  I learn a lot of new sentence with you! F**king hell!  Thanks a lot and enjoy your tour.  I will come again!  Thanks,

    Cowboy Seb

  • Thanks for a great experience, I will never forget it.   I will send you a long email in a week or so.


  • Thank you for this amazing experience, it’s the best tour I’ve ever done so far.  I appreciate we took our time to explore the beautiful West Coast.  You need to be a bit more diplomat and organised sometimes, but as you said, you are still learning  :)

    Thank you for sharing stories, thank you for cooking kangaroo, thank you to invite us to share your bush mans’ life!  I will definitely recommend Outback Camp Tours!!  Take care and enjoy the next few months in Perth with your family.


  • After I went, I can say it was such an amazing experience!  Wildlife, peace and calm!

    If you want to do a break with your (real) life, no car, no TV, no bad news about the world, just enjoy your time with yourself and others.  Go beyond your limit, it’s a point of this trip.  Don’t worry about insects (spiders, snakes…) and animals.. they will be your friends at the the end….or not! Ah ah ah.

    The simple things of the life, one of the best things of your education, for an experience of life. F**k yea!


    Maevahahahaha! :)

  • Had the most AMAZING!!! time these past 30 days.  From the first night not being able to put a tent up, scared of going for a wee in the dark, I’d have never thought that I would now be able to do that and so much more.  Mark you’ve changed the way I view a lot of things!

    The grass seeds were the only thing I fear still!  Had so many good times to even write – fishing at Yardie Creek – Karijini – Monkey Mia

    These moments will be treasured forever, stay in touch matey boy.


  • Hey mate

    Definitely my best road trip for a log time. Thanks for sharing your skills (bread, fishing……) So many beautiful places seen but some preference for me Karijini, El Questro and Ningaloo Reef.

    First time I did snorkelling and I very much enjoyed that.  I’ll never forget our laugh mate!

    Thank you for everything, I really loved to spend time with you.

    All the best (f**k yeah)


  • Dear Mark,

    Many thanks for sharing Western Australia with me.  I enjoyed the trip very much.  It contained multiple highlights, but Karijini, Ningaloo Reef and the Bungle Bungles stand out in particular, but also the home made pizzas on the fire and little stories told as we travelled along added value and deepened the experience.

    I know you put a little of yourself into the trip, which mad it different from many of the standard commercial tours.

    I would recommend the trip to those who have the time and want to experience something different.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Mark,

    Thank you for the experience of the real Australia.  I have had an amazing time and you are a great person.  Had a top laugh and brill memories of you.

    This is the best time I have had in Australia so far thanks to you and your knowledge and experience.  It will be sad to go our separate ways but I wish you the best luck in your future trips and everything that you do.  You are a great guy and it’s been a privilege to meet you.

    Best wishes

    Nicky xxx

  • Hey Mark,

    This was a great nature-close, exciting trip.  30 days can pass so fast, especially when u have much fun and action.  I did lots of things I wanted to do, and never did (or didn’t do) for a long time” like quadbike, sand dune boarding, horse riding, whale shark snorkelling (unfortunately without the whale sharks), but manta ray :) a scenic flight and of course exploring the west coast of Australia.  U take good care of us, thanks again for driving me in a rush to the ferry in Exmouth to get on a whale shark boat.

    Ur on the right way to get a real good tour guide, with ur inside knowledge about camp spots etc.  I’m surprised how much cooking is possible on a campfire!   Anyway, I enjoyed the time, it was really something different!

    See you,

    Eva :)

  • Hey Mark, thanks for this awesome trip and this incredible adventure!  If someone would ask me for my highlight, I couldn’t tell because every moment was unique and beautiful, (except from my fall in “El Questro Gorge”  and the big spider maybe) :)  I will always remember the snorkelling with the turtles at Ningaloo Reef, riding the camel in Broome, climbing through the gorges in “Karijini” and of course all the nice evenings around the campfire with this awesome group.

    I think this journey has been one of my best experiences in life so far, and I’ll never forget these 30 days and the group.

    As you see, not many negative things :) so stay as you are and keep smiling.  I hope many other people will choose this tour and can experience what I did.

    See ya,


  • Well we’ve finally arrived safe and sound after our epic 30 day‪ #‎OutbackCampTour!!

    We’ve splashed about under secluded, tropical waterfalls- hiked through breathtaking gorges and bush tracks- cooked bush pizzas on the coals- ridden camels up and down Cable Beach- swum with manta rays, sharks and turtles- Snorkelled the amazing reefs at Coral Bay- visited Karajini and the Bungle Bungle Ranges- been fishing and caught shark for dinner- Relaxed on the beach at Kalbarri- Sandboarded in Lancelin- and so much more…

    A truly unforgettable experience, the locations are extraordinary, the scenery beautiful, and the relaxed pace of the tour really sets it apart.

    Camping and cooking under the stars each night, having a laugh with new friends, it truly is a one of a kind experience. By far one of the most fun, adventurous and relaxing months of all our lives.

    A big thankyou to Mark, from everyone- for basically just being Mark, you’re an absolute legend mate and not only did you know all the good spots and the history of all the places, but you’re a true character and everyone was stoked on how easy going and fun you made the trip.

    I’d recommend this trip without a moment’s hesitation to anyone interested in seeing the Top End, Kimberleys and West Coast..

    ‪#‎OutbackCampTours..? F@%K YEAH!!


  • The trip up to Darwin was just awesome!  I really enjoyed every single day of the journey and every single destination.  The way you offer this trip is perfect; no rush and you always gave us the choice what we want to do or where we want to stay.  It was more like a road trip with friends than an organized tour which was the best!

    I had a great time full of fun with hiking in impressive gorges, snorkelling the Ningaloo Reef, swimming in pools and waterfalls, seeing crocs, turtles, rays or sharks, camel riding and of course camping, laughing, playing games and talking around the campfire with you and all the other guys!

    My personal highlight was Karijini NP, it’s just beautiful with its gorges and the “spider walk”.  I will always remember the great time we had together and all the amazing experiences I had.  It was a unique tour, with a well-equipped bus, amazing people, sleeping under the stars and cooking (pizza) over the campfire.

    Mark, keep your lifestyle, your “no worries”  “it is what it is” and your humour and all the other stuff you used to say.  I wish you all the best with this awesome, relaxed, not perfectly organized (that’s what makes your trip so great and special) tour full of adventures and hope to meet you again in the future.  This journey and all the things I’ve seen, learned and experienced  made my time in Australia unique, thank you!!



  • I had a great trip from 26th of June to 1st of August★‼
    It was really amazing time.
    Everywhere i visited was so beautiful, and camping was a precious experience as well. I got used to nature toilet. Haha

    I also had many special friends.
    I love you soooo much♡!!!!

    I will never forget this wonderful days and my special friends.

    I really enjoyed, but i have a serious problem now……
    I gained weight 3.5kg in just one month…..
    OMG!!!!! Help meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


  • Outback Camp Tours is a must!

    Life changing, humbling, and educational. I appreciate nature more, and Mark Polich is a fantastic ‘bushman’ who really loves mother nature, love meeting and touring with him xoxo


  • G’ day mates! My name is Montrel, an overly enthusiastic backpacker/explorer/adventurer.

    When I decided to travel West Australia to Northern Territory I knew I didn’t want to just ride through it but wanted to see and live the Australian outback life. Travelling with Mark greatly satisfied that desire, from visiting a remote Aborigine community one day to camping up on a remote hilltop the next.

    The food and the preparation of making our meals made the experience much more enjoyable. Gathering sticks, fishing at the beach and smoking our fish at a nice campsite while engaging in very immersive conversations only help to add greater joy to this experience.

    As we travelled the vast state of Western Australia I had found that not only the scenery awe-inspiring but hearing the history and facts about certain areas and certain scenery made this also a very educational experience. Living out in nature really helps you to discover your limits and what you are capable of. We had unfortunately run over two kangaroos. After which Mark had stepped out of the vehicle, said a pray for the poor animal. Afterward he cut it up and the next day we had kangaroo stew!!

    I can honestly say this was a very grand experience that offered me everything I was looking for. I highly recommend this adventure tour. Not only is the price more than fair the experience you gain is truly priceless!

    Cheers to Mark for an amazing journey.


  • Hey Mark Hope your well and having some amazing adventures.

    Here is a little feedback from my trip.

    Outback Camp Tours was an amazing way to experience, see and travel WA with the flexibility of designing your own route.
    Mark was an amazing guide allowing us to adapt and change our stay and time duration depending on the groups needs. It was magical to camp under the stars each night and the set-up so easy. The bus is fully equipped with all facilities to make your trip float with ease. Story time around the fire and experiences shared will be memories a treasure forever.

    An awesome journey from start to finish and great value for money.
    I have and will continue to share the love of this business. Thank you for crossing paths with me

    Love always


  • I had been planning my own Perth to Darwin camping trip for a while and whilst looking for a travel buddy to share my car, driving, expenses etc. I came across Mark’s advert for Outback Camp Tours on Gumtree.

    I hadn’t even considered an organised tour at that point; they’re not really my style; large groups and whirlwind travel (before you’ve even got a feel for a place you’re back on the bus and whisked off to the next location). Mark’s ad was different though and caught my attention; a 4WD bus, offering more flexible travel with a small group of people- 12 max. Intrigued, I checked out his website. I weighed up the pros and cons of each potential decision and Mark won hands down! The main factors for me at that time being:

    The 4WD bus (I wasn’t entirely faithful in mine or my car’s ability to get me to Darwin and back!)
    Other people (What if I ended up with someone I couldn’t stand in my passenger seat, wanting to kick them out after a day or two?!)
    And Mark’s expertise in many areas that I was definitely lacking! (Camp spots, distance driving, local knowledge & skills etc.)

    I gave Mark a call and got myself booked onto his next Perth-Darwin camping tour. Choosing Outback Camp Tours for my travels was the best decision I could have made!

    Our group was small, 8/9 of us on the bus most of the time (we dropped people off and picked people up at various locations along the way) which for me, a solo traveller, was perfect! Enough people around for constant entertainment and conversation but small enough a group to truly get to know each other, learn from one another and forge some lasting friendships. Mark is included in this; he was much more than just our driver/guide! Knowledgeable and skilled in so many areas essential to this kind of adventure, Mark made our camping tour an unforgettable experience and I now count him as a friend of mine!

    The 4WD bus itself is comfortable, practical and very well equipped. We had everything we could possibly need for camping in the most isolated locations! Being a 4WD enabled us to access amazing remote spots, well away from the usual tourist hotspots, down unsealed roads and dirt tracks to find incredible bush and beach camps, providing us with a real and unique Australian camping adventure! Exploring places like Karijini, Bungle Bungles, El Questro and Litchfield national parks (to name only a few) was an amazing experience only made possible by having a 4WD vehicle (and Mark’s awesome driving skills!)

    And the 30 day adventure from Perth-Darwin…
    What an amazing, awesome, unique, magical, unforgettable and genuine camping tour experience!
    It’s pretty impossible for me to choose just one place or experience as an example, every location is so different from one another, so here are a few personal highlights!

    Being a beach bum up the West coast; meeting the dolphins of Monkey Mia, snorkelling with a Sea Turtle in Coral Bay, the incredible crystal clear waters in Exmouth’s Cape Range National Park.

    Exploring the prehistoric gorges and breath taking waterfalls; particularly at Karijini and El Questro.

    Greg Quicke’s ‘Astro tour’ in Broome; having my mind totally blown away by his extensive knowledge of the universe!

    The Adelaide River Cruises ‘jumping crocodiles’, getting so close to those terrifyingly magnificent beasts!
    (I could go on for longer but I’ll leave it there!)

    Some of my happiest memories of this tour are simply of us; as a group, sitting round a campfire whilst we camp in the bush, getting to know each other over a few drinks and eating awesome food (who’d have thought we’d get to make a pizza oven in the ground and cook up gourmet style pizza’s whilst camping?!)

    So if this sounds like your kind of adventure, don’t think twice and travel with Mark & Outback Camp Tours!
    I promise you an EPIC experience that you will never forget! (I know I won’t!)
    If my words alone are not quite enough to convince you, please feel free to check out our Facebook group page out that we created after returning from our adventure. It’s our personal space for pictures, memories and staying in touch but we don’t mind you having a look! ‘OUTBACK CAMP TOURS SEP-OCT ‘14’

    Happy Travels!


  • When I decided to travel around Western Australia, I wanted to make it special, more down-on-earth instead of traveling by plane, rushing in a fully-overcrowded coach and fighting with heaps of tourists to take a picture or being exhausted driving a car. My dream came true when I found out about the OUTBACK CAMP TOURS. I looked on their website and the way the trip seems to be run by Mark attracted me. I thought it would meet my expectations.

    In reality, it went way beyond my wishes. We travelled smoothly from Perth to Darwin, exploring the most remote and untouched places of outback Australia. I was delighted each second, minute, hour, days after days. I spent the best times of my life without any doubts. I ended up in a small group of people with whom we cooked great meals (pizzas, drums n’ base pies, gourmet burgers, potato wedges, French-English lasagnas, Swiss banana bread, etc.), we played botchy, soccer, cricket and cards, we drank heaps of beers and red wine in a friendly and easy-going atmosphere. We did it along the way, adapting ourselves to the nature and the context. Pizzas baked on coals were delicious and close to be rewarded by a judge of MasterChef Australia. We enthusiastically spent time enjoying the sunsets together, booze in an hand, and then telling stories around the fire at nights.

    However, we didn’t only eat and drink, we were quite active throughout the days to discover plenty of unspoilt spots while walking, swimming, snorkeling, relaxing or sleeping (yes, sometimes, we were waken up in our tents by mother nature… birds, kangaroos, cattle and even a wild pig in Litchfield National Park). In this camping tour, my highlights were snorkeling in Coral Bay where I spotted my first ever BIG turtle as well as sting rays for FREE !!!, Karijini National Park by its stunning landscapes and natural swimming pools, Windjana Gorge where all the group witnessed a fabulous event at dusk : Freshwater crocs trying to catch bats flying out of the gorge and gliding only a few centimetres above the river… What a spectacle !!! Personnally, my favourite place of the tour was undoubtably El Questro Gorge (The Kimberleys). We went for a three-hour walk including swimming sessions at the end surrounded by a narrow striking water falls. We saw the nature the way it deserves to be seen, meeting snakes and cane toads, which we unfortunately had to kill ! Yeah mate, those frogs are Australia’s natural enemy number one !

    Finally, this 4WD adventure isn’t a basic trip. It is an experience to be lived once in a lifetime ! I met lots of people, made great friends and opened my mind in both my ways of thinking and interacting with our environement, our nowadays society. I’ve also improved my English skills, learning new words, especially from the slang !!! The tour is definitely a great deal for budget travellers who want to immerse themselves purely into Australian nature withouth spoiling their money ! I absolutely recommend it to anyone as a must-do !!
    Thanks to the group and even more to Mark, those guys rock and I’ll never forget them…

    P.S. If you wanna check how it really was,  click on our facebook page that sums up our trip :


  • How ya goin’ mate?! :)

    I can just say that I’m so glad that I’ve booked this trip – that was the best thing that could have happened to me! It was absolutely great!!!

    I was having so much fun, learned a lot of cool stuff (for example the damper in the frying pan or how to set up a fishing rod) and just enjoyed the time!

    Thank you so much for showing us this beautiful part of Australia, it’s incredible!
    But I remember how you said it’s about the journey and not about the destination and that’s so true!

    It wouldn’t have been half as good without this group of people but especially without you! You know so much about the life in the bush and the nature and I really appreciate your attitude towards it: Always treat it with respect. I’ll keep that in mind. And in general I like your nature too = that your say what you think and that you’re so relaxed at the same time.
    So it was pretty cool that we could always choose what we wanted to do. We’ve had a unique trip!

    What I liked most about this tour was that it was a true Australian experience. I’ve never realized so much that I’m in Australia than on this trip (probably because of your lifestyle, the food we ate and that it was just us at some places, so good!)

    Never stop laughing and always have good and safe trips! Do what you love.


  • So………

    Definitely the best road trip since I’m in Australia. Specially for the landscape but the great thing was the relax environment during the trip.

    You absolutely should keeping that, never be on the rush and keep busy every body.
    For me the best was El Questro and Coral Bay. So much laughter and surprise………lovely and fun.

    I’ll never forget your teaching stuff “bread, fishing, and how to play balls from the chair”
    So keep going to explain the history of the places during the drive and about the Australian way of life.

    You provided for a lot of people an exceptional experience…………..keep going to show us the piece of paradise.


  • Hey mate, thanks very much for this awesome trip. I really liked our conversations, especially in the morning, and I learned a lot of the wildlife, history and the Australian people from you. It was a really “life changing experience”

    At the beginning of the trip, I didn’t expect to sleep on the ground but since now I love it to sleep in a swag. What I really like is that you are very respectful with the nature and the animals. It was always perfect to have always enough time and don’t be in a rush. It has been one of the best times of my life. The people I met on the trip are really lovely and it was a pleasure to do this trip together.
    I’ll never forget you and the group! And hey, I caught my first fish……………..that was really cool.

    I hope a lot of people can do this trip with you in the future. The best things have been the things we didn’t plan……….I learned to stay relaxed no matter what happens!)

    Always be yourself! And don’t stop laughing, it’s so funny:)

    See ya,


  • Dear Mark,

    From you all your knowledge about the bush.
    Thanks a lot for this great trip with you and the German crew. Who thought that I could sleep 30 days in a tent?! I DID IT! You have the best swag rolls ever. Apart from the swag roll, I really enjoy my time with you, learning from you all you knowledge about the bush.

    I’ll miss your ”no worries mate” “I don’t know…………..”. Do not try to plan anything because the best moments “sont ceux qui ne sont pas prevus” (are those which are not planned yet).  I hope you’ll be continue this adventure taxi for a long time because that is the best way to discover the west coast of Australia.

    See you Mate.


  • Dear Mark,

    I really enjoyed the trip from Darwin to Monkey Mia and just the fact that I couldn’t bring myself to say “goodbye” to you guys, shows that I had a really good time.

    I loved the campfires, the secret gorges you took us to, the beautiful waterfalls, even the bush camping and peaceful morning hours. The trip showed me some true beauty in the Australian west. I still can’t believe how many wild creatures, awesome landscapes and breathtaking sceneries I saw.

    I think I’ll always remember all the dishes we cooked over the fire, the poor kangaroo in the Kimberley which was splattered all over the street, the bats in Windjana Gorge and the face of poor Vanessa when you told her, that she had to kill the fish she caught in the Ningaloo National Park.

    To sum it up, I had a great experience and really glad I met you guys and came on this trip.
    Priceless! :)

    Despite all the good times and all the fun we had, there are a few things that are worth thinking about (you asked for it) Maybe a tarp for the ground to put all backpacks on, labelling compartments in freezer, and maybe bit more explaining of housekeeping to avoid misunderstandings.

    So thanks a lot for the trip, the flexibility, the relaxed atmosphere and the whole experience. Never lose your laugh, your lay back attitude and the passion for your lifestyle.



  • Hey mate, catch ya mate;

    I really enjoyed the trip. Sorry not enough time to write, was a really good experience. Very nice journey.

    See ya mate,


  • Hellooooooooooooooooooo :)

    Mark, thx for this amazing experience. I felt like on a tour with good friends. It was so nice that you asked us every time what we want to do and that we were allowed to choose! I further liked that there was no stress, so we were not in a rush. Thank you that it was possible to stay longer than booked. It was not a typically touristic tour. I loved the funny evenings with good food, the shopping tours were not so organised but funny. I will miss your laugh and damper :)

    In the bus it was nice that we could charge our mobiles and hear music which we wanted, I give you 5*****

    I wish you all the best mate. Stay healthy & lucky in your life.


  • Hey Mark,

    I had a great time on this outback camp tour. It was a great experience and I would totally recommend it to my friends. I would totally recommend it to my friends. I liked to sleep under the stars every night and to see so many beautiful places with a group of amazing people. I hope you’ll be successful with this tour, you earned it!

    See ya,


  • Hey mate!

    I am very happy to do this trip with you and the others!  It was the best thing I did since I’m in Australia.  I travelled a lot in my life, but this trip was one of the best!  Because of the country and because of your way to make it so wonderful.  I discovered so many landscape, wild animals, history…..thanks a lot to be as you are Mark!

    I will continue my trip with many incredible pictures and souvenirs in my head!  You make me laugh a lot Mark, you’re so funny, I will always remember all the funny moments; when we try to learn you the game “a**hole”  and when you said “no worries mate” with a slow voice!  When I make you laugh with my beauty mask; lots of moments like that!

    It could not be the same without you mate, you are a real wildman, you know so much about the history, the wild, the animal, how to cut a kangaroo, all the foods we can eat to survive etc. If I have to restart this trip I will restart 100 times!!

    So thank you so much for all Mark and stay always the same, don’t change!

    P.S. Sorry for my English, but it’s me, so you can forgive!


  • Hey, how you are going?

    I started my journey with Mark Outback Camptours in Exmouth. “Funny”.  I just read the stories on his homepage and I knew this is the right way for me to travel along the WA coast.

    Freedom is especially for me and that’s how the journey started. The choice to hop on or hop off.

    We had a lot of wonderful experiences in the national parks. You just have to walk slowly through the nature. Listen to, what the nature wants to tell you. Have a nice break in between awesome places and feel the wind on your skin, smell the fresh air and listen to the birds, the leaves from the trees or the grass. Or just watch your own breath and feel connected with everything around you.

    At night times we mostly had a campfire, enjoyed good company and lived on a simple way. I saw many shooting stars, sleeping outside under the brightest sky I have ever seen. Howling dingos far away.

    I am grateful that I got the chance to travel the west coast with Mark and get to know about the Aussie life and scenery.

    Ca mate