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30 days of adventure, from Perth to Darwin. A Travel Blog: Episode 9

After a drive to the coast from Tom Price we arrived in ‎Exmouth‬ early in the day and went to the lighthouse and a couple of lookouts before heading into Cape Range National Park for some swimming and snorkeling.

The water was crystal clear and full of life, we saw 100’s of different species of fish as we floated over the corals that they call home..


Sandrine enjoying the crystal clear water at Turquoise Bay in Exmouth


Maeva and Sebastian enjoying a walk up the beach so they can float back over the corals with the current.

The tropical waters are so inviting we ended up snorkeling for about 2 and a half hours, it was great.


100’s of different fish to see in the area: big, small, fat, thin, colourful, shy and not so shy, this guy popped out of the corals to say hello.


Sunrise display where we woke up at our overnight bush camp.


We still had the 2 sharks left from our haul from Broome so Seb and Mark cooked them over the coals while Lawrie fried up some chips and the girls chopped up a salad.

Bon appetit!


Wandering up to the Yardie Creek gorge for sunset and Maeva spotted this rock wallaby having a bit of an afternoon snack.

He was friendly enough to let her take a few pics..


These pink ‘n’ grey galahs have the right idea in Tom Price, siesta-ing in the shade to escape the heat of the day..


Charlene and Maeva stealing the sunset at Yardie Creek.


Suzannah saying goodbye to the sun for another day…

Tomorrow.. Off to Coral Bay for more snorkelling, swimming and sunshine!

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