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30 days of adventure, from Perth to Darwin. A Travel Blog: Episode 8

An adventure packed 2 days here at ‎Karajini‬, the beauty of this place is indescribable…

You are literally walking through time as you trek down the gorge’s layers, and the reds and browns of the cliffs contrast with the trees and sky, making every picture a postcard..

The gorge treks were an adventure, and we were always rewarded with a swimming hole at the end.

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Seb, Maeva, Charlene, Sandrine, Suzannah and Sydney enjoying the beautiful water at circular pool, one of Karijini’s watering holes..


We arrived at Fortescue Falls in Dale’s Gorge at Karajini and were blown away by the magic and relaxation of this secluded oasis..


Seb cooling off while the girls had a sunbathe by the rockpool.


Phil, happy after another days adventure trekking through the ‘spider’ walk and having a dip in handrail pool..


Just amazing how breathtaking this ancient landscape is… 100s of million of years in the making- Seb admiring nature’s handiwork..


Fernpool is a very special place in aboriginal culture…

The nature and wildlife in this place is all connected and in tune with itself…


Mark leading the group away from handrail pool and back to camp where we have coals-cooked shark on the menu..

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