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30 days of adventure, from Perth to Darwin. A Travel Blog: Episode 10

Ningaloo is a world heritage listed site, and for good reason! The amount of fish and other sea life that inhabit these ancient coral reefs have to be seen to be believed…

When our crew wasn’t swimming in the crystal clear waters, snorkelling through the bay, or relaxing on the beach- they were venturing off and finding their own little section of paradise to chill out in.

At the pub- the beers are cold and the people are friendly, a great place for a few frosties to unwind after catching the sunset..

We’re past the halfway point of our Outback Camp Tour now, and no-one wants it to end..

Good people have become great friends on the bus and we’ll all remember this trip long after we’re done as one of the most fun, relaxing and adventurous months of our lives..


Lawrie, Charlene, Maeva, Phil and Seb- about to take a dip in the beautiful crystal clear waters of Ningaloo Reef in Coral Bayon our manta ray / snorkelling tour


Maeva and Charlene about to jump in and explore the coral reef- and all of the fish, sharks, turtles and manta rays that call it home..


It’s mating season for the turtles and Mark took us down to a secret spot to go and have a stickybeak while they got frisky..

Ooh lah lah!


Just a 15 minute walk down the coast from Ningaloo is a reef shark nursery, we spotted a heap of sharks from a safe distance- this stingray wasn’t shy though..


Just out the front of our camp and then 20m into the water is the start of the Ningaloo Reef.

If you walk up to the point you can just jump in and then float along and let the current drift you into the bay.

Too easy


Sydney enjoying some sand and sunshine while the others climbed up the dunes to get some pics of the shark nursery / coastline..


The water is so clean and clear it’s easy to see why so much sea life calls it home.


Charlene capturing a memory for her Outback Camp Tours photo album.


Sunset on the lawn for happy hour, then a game of ’round robin’ pool and a few laughs at the beach bar

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