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30 days of adventure, from Perth to Darwin. A Travel Blog: Episode 11

After an enjoyable Halloween campfire at our campsite just south of Carnarvon, we continued our journey south along the coast and have arrived at Monkey Mia.

Along the way we stopped to check out the ocean blowholes (and collect some sea salt), the stromalites at Hamelin Pool and the old telegraph relay station…

This afternoon: kayaking up the bay, snorkelling, fishing and shell collecting..
And tomorrow: Dolphins!


OCT crew get a discount on the kayak hire here in Monkey Mia, a good way to see this stretch of coast and maybe run into a dolphin, dugong, turtle or seasnake..


Sandrine, Sebastian, Phil, Charlene, Sydney and Maeva- about to spend their afternoon kayaking, while others go on a birdwatching bushwalk…


We’ve been treated to some magnificent sunsets and star filled nights up here in the North-West- photos just don’t capture the colour and magic of these relaxing moments..


The blow holes showing off their power, blasting their geyser like spray 4 or 5 metres into the air..


If you’re a healthy food buff- it doesn’t get much purer than 100% authentic sea salt..


The old wool jetty at sunset near Carnarvon, an old remnant from the horse and cart/ pioneer shipping days..


How’s the serenity?

We spent a fun Halloween night under the stars, spinning yarns over the fire with a few quiet drinks..

Doesn’t get much better..


Camp all set while the crew go to collect some firewood for the campfire..

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