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30 days of adventure, from Perth to Darwin. A Travel Blog: Episode 12

The Dolphins in Monkey Mia have been visiting lucky tourists for over 30 years…

We camped here and had a couple of days to relax and unwind on the beautiful sandy beaches and swim (or kayak) in the crystal blue waters..

There is a birdwatching bushwalk for those wanting to stretch their legs and some good fishing spots just a short walk around to the sand spit.

A bit of excitement today as we got just a little bit bogged on the way to camp today.. But a bit of team effort and we were on our way again


Sebastian was one of the lucky ones who was allowed to feed the dolphin his breakfast..


On the road again… Coming into the home stretch of our epic 30 day adventure..


Blueberry pancakes and jam and scones for a relaxed brunch at the foreshore restaurant..

Life doesn’t get much easier


Just about every person that was beach fishing had a visit from one of these guys asking for a bite (or a mouthful)..


Charlene braving the afternoon wind to snap some panorama pics of the bay..


Our vehicle-rescue-team leader Juliani shouting the orders to “Push!!”..

All part of the adventure.


Clear skies and dirt roads…


Setting up camp and putting the stew on so we have time to relax with the sunset from the top of the dunes.

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