Your Tour Guides


My name’s Mark Polich and I’d like to tell ya a bit about meself and the experience I provide.

I grew up in the Swan Valley north-east of Perth Western Australia and have a love for the land, from farming to the environment. Every day we see what goes on in the world and its ever-growing population, and the way it’s shaping our lives. With this in mind it’s helped me to genuinely appreciate the simpler things in life; from a little bee working so hard to produce a teaspoon of honey in its 4 weeks lifespan, down to an earthworm doing its bit.

So I’ll be getting you out and among the wonders of nature and under the stars for a down to earth experience on an affordable budget.

Greetings U Perfect Person!

My name is Iam Living Rainbow & I am ‘Colour Full’ in name, thoughts & nature. I am a fun loving entity who LOVES ‘showing off’ the beauty, majik & nature of our ‘Wonder Full’ country.

My guiding Journey began in Darwin in 2001 & has continued in various places throughout ‘Oz’, mainly in The N.T & W.A because I InJoyIn the ‘Majik’ of this Land the most.

I have walked many different paths in both my personal & professional lives & have ‘studied’ the different aspects of life throughout. This has blessed me with a greater understanding of a broad range of people & I am able to relate well to the majority of people I meet.

I can attribute my Spirituality to my mother & thank her for showing me (since the age of 14) a REAL perspective that has helped me beyond all else & enriched my life beyond imagining. And I have my wonderful Sun, ‘Wolf’ to thank for teaching me the FUNominal joy of Unconditional Love.

I am really excited about the relaxed feel & nature of this tour which gives us enough time in these amazing places to truly absorb & experience our surroundings. This is essentially what makes it possible for us to have a REAL ‘outward journey’ as well as a ‘Journey of Self Discovery’.

I am honoured to share this experience with you & look forward to our greeting…… We have been expecting you!