Outback Camp Tours

A Genuine Australian 4WD Experience

Outback Camp Tours 4WD adventure tours offers comfort and accessibility to explore remote and inaccessible places and to enjoy and experience nature’s raw beauty at its best. Our 4WD tours provides an awesome adventure, a adventure that allows a person to have swims on the beach,  have a crack at fishing or just allow a person to soak up all the elements the coast has to offer with the advantage of having all your food, refreshments and camping equipment right there on every part of the journey. We will 4wd  potentially through creek crossings and observe wildlife as we go. And if everyone is mesmerised by a place and wants to stay longer, the tour has the flexibility to accommodate this.

This is a genuine Australian 4WD experience, a personally guided adventure by the owner of Outback Camp Tours, highlighting the beauty of nature, the people, the camping experience, and the wonder of the Australian Outback. We cater for smaller groups of a minimum of 8 on your own 4WD adventure, and all the way to a maximum of 14.


The Outback Camp Tour adventure bus has all we need to make this personalized small group tour an adventure of a lifetime and to get into places with out the burden and destruction of heavy vehicles that impact the peace and wonder of nature that we’ve come to know and embrace. The comfort of air conditioning, comfortable seating, one way vision windows that reflect the heat and glare from the sun, refrigeration for keeping food and drinks cold, a PA system for commentary and C.D and IPOD connection for your choice of music, will make this trip most enjoyable. Not to mention that our vehicles have unbreakable security with 2 x secured safes for your peace of mind to put your valuables in whilst out of the vehicle as well as laptop and phone charging facilities.

When you purchase a ticket aboard the outback camp tour adventure bus you will be purchasing a genuine down to earth 30 day memory that will allow you to see life in a different way, it will give you the time to feel, discover, absorb and process. It maybe even give you the opportunity to try something you never would of thought or even expected – camping, simple living, watching the bush TV, being able to look straight up to clearly see the stars , cooking upon the open fire and experiencing and learning how life can be.